Total cost calculation

Exploring a new acquisition channel comes with variable production costs and ad spend. Scroll to see what total cost to expect.


Initial Setup Phase

In the setup, it's about understanding your customer and making sure we're never clueless about how to generate an outcome for your brand.

Deliverables include the Strategic Guideline, the Ad Creative Script, YouTube Ad Account Setup, Customer & Keyword Research, and Landingpage & Tracking check.

For this phase, we calculate a total cost of €5.000.


Ad Creative Production

We have a strong network of production partners to help bring your Ad Creative Script to life.

If you have in-house resources and prefer to produce or shoot yourself, we will support you with guidance and best practices as well as feedback during post-production

If you prefer to outsource production, we recommend calculating with a budget of €10.000 for around 20 ad creative variations.


Launch & Strategy Testing Phase

Working with us requires you to invest €5.000 per Month, plus one of the following performance-based compensation models as soon as campaigns go live:

1) 5% of your monthly ad spend,
2) an agreed percentage of revenue,
3) or a fixed payment per lead.

We take 3-4 weeks to see if YouTube is a scalable channel for your brand by testing our initial strategy.

This stage's goal is to run lots of tests, so we reach our desired ROAS as soon as possible.

In our experience, it takes around €10.000-15.000 in ad spend budget over these 3-4 weeks to get there.


Entering the Scaling Phase

After we've achieved our initial goal-ROAS, we're ready to scale YouTube ads for you.

We work with clients for a minimum of three months to have time to test and scale the channel.

Ownership - Codely X Webflow Template

Total overall:

Production invest:
Estimated €10.000 once

Ad spend invest:
Starting at €10.000 - €15.000 per month

Forwrd invest:
€5.000 setup + €5.000 per month + performance compensation: averaging around €25.000 trailing the first quarter.

What's included?

We'll make sure your never clueless about where your money is spent and where revenue is being generated.

Weekly breakdowns

In a detailed loom video, we'll walk you through last weeks performance and fill you in on potential next steps.

Dedicated Slack channel

With a dedicated Slack channel and super a fast response time we're always in your reach.

Monthly check-in calls

With monthly check-in calls we'll make sure we're aligned on strategy, upcoming events, and next steps.

Let's talk about how we can make YouTube work for you

Frequently Asked Questions

We're working hard to give you all the answers, as we believe that every brand should get YouTube working for themselves. Anything we've missed?

Does YouTube work for every type of company?

Yes, YouTube ads can work for both B2C and B2B, considering you have the basics right.

We don't recommend YouTube ads for e-commerce D2C businesses with less than €100.000 revenue per month and/or less than €1.000 marketing spend per day in other channels.

We recommend you to scale search, shopping and Facebook ads first, before starting out with YouTube.

The barrier to start YouTube ads is higher, due to production costs of creatives & a more extensive initial research & setup.

What if we already tried YouTube, and it didn't work?

We found that many clients made this experience. There are a few major reasons why YouTube might not have worked for you.

First, the creative. You most likely used short form creatives (less than 2 minutes), potentially a TV commercial or ad creatives you ran on Facebook/Instagram. That's not the way to go. We have built a system that helps you structure YouTube ad creatives the right way.

Secondly, targeting. You can target broad, but it will not get you the ideal outcome. On YouTube, you have the chance to also target intent data (based on search queries happening on Google or YouTube), which you cannot do on any other push channel.

If you want to find out what was off with your first attempts specifically, click here to schedule a call.

What if our customers are not on YouTube?

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. Considering that fact, there is little to no chance that your customers aren't using YouTube or Google consistently.

How are you going about reporting?

We make sure you're up to date on your ROAS and ROI every week. With our weekly check-ins, performance calls, and regular updates via Loom, we make sure you never scratch your head about where your money is spent and what results we're reaping.

How much ad spend should we consider?

We recommend a minimum ad spend budget of €10.000 to €15.000 per month for the initial testing phase. That way, we can make sure we have enough flexibility to test, assess and scale from thereon.

How much time do I need to invest?

As with all services, your input is expected during the onboarding, and following feedback phases. The actual hours invested heavily depend on how eagerly you want to be involved in scaling this channel, and how long it takes to create an initial ad creative you're happy with.

What if it doesn't work?

We are here to win and are giving everything to make YouTube ads work. Before we start, we will speak about expectations and will tell you honestly upfront, if we see potential to reach your set targets.

We always analyze and break down the performance and metrics for each step, to understand where to improve - creative (or, which part of the creative), audience or targeting, or landing page - and work to improve those.

The decision to invest in a new growth opportunity always comes with a certain risk. We are here to reduce it as much as possible.