About Forwrd

With over 13 years experince in digital, a combined YouTube ad spend of over €3M and a variety of marketed products and services in different industries, we're here to help you scale your revenue.

8 markets
In EU & US

We've made YouTube work in multiple markets & languages.

€3 M+
YouTube Ad Spend

In D2C e-commerce, leveraged to maximise ROAS & direct revenue.

Better ROAS

Compared to reults generated with Google's best practice for YouTube ads.

Every success starts with a failure...

Like many, we could not scale apart from Facebook ads. We needed a new channel. We knew YouTube has a massive reach. But we failed.

We "invested" (translation: burned) €100k at 0.04 ROAS. That is €4.000 revenue for €100.000 spent on ads.

We had worked closely with Google & had followed their best practice. They reported a 30% brand lift. But, we were missing the revenue.

We needed a different strategy. In the following months, we worked hard, tested a ton & spent over €3 million in D2C e-commerce across the EU & US.

Result: 47,5x higher ROAS compared to Google's best practice, at 30x the spend.

So, what did we do differently?

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